Percent Religious : 68.41%. also 1536, Cauca River, linking Cali, important for higher population agriculture and cattle raising and Colombia's coffee is produced in the adjacent uplands. Living in same house 1 year ago, percent of persons age 1 year+, 2015-2019: 87.6%: Language other than English spoken at home, percent of persons age 5 years+, 2015-2019: 11.4%: Computer and Internet Use Boroughs are generally smaller than cities, with most Pennsylvania cities having been incorporated as a borough before being incorporated as a city. Texas was first among the states in the number of churches with 15,062, Pennsylvania coming second with 13,843, as previously mentioned. As of 2010, it is estimated that about 85% of all Hispanics in Pennsylvania live within a 150-mile (240 km) radius of Philadelphia, with about 20% living within the city itself. Contents: Subdivision. From 2008 to 2012, 5.8% of the population was foreign-born.[73]. Protestant Percentage: 0.00%. Popular Religions for Pennsylvania, PA . Christians account for the majority of registered voters in the U.S. (64%). - 28.3% are Catholic. As in the US as a whole and in most states, the largest private employer in the Commonwealth is Walmart, followed by the University of Pennsylvania. Col. Vol. The fourth-largest single denomination is the Presbyterian Church (USA)[clarification needed] with 250,000 members and 1,011 congregations. For most of the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, Pennsylvania has been a powerful swing state. [142] First- and second-class cities are governed by a "strong mayor" form of mayor–council government, whereas third-class cities are governed by either a "weak mayor" form of government or a council–manager government.[140]. In the Colony there is religious freedom for anybody who believes in God. [127], The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture worked with private companies to establish "PA Preferred" as a way to brand agricultural products grown or made in the state to support and promote Pennsylvania products and locally grown food.[128]. Pennsylvania is 170 miles (274 km) north to south and 283 miles (455 km) east to west. [153] The personal income tax is a flat 3.07%. Pennsylvania's reported population of Hispanics, especially among the Black race, has markedly increased in recent years. The center of population of Pennsylvania is located in Perry County, in the borough of Duncannon. The immigrant population continued to grow and spread the Protestant religion which even became the official religion of the Virginia Colony. [177] It is overseen by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Religious culture of Pennsylvania. Of the original Thirteen Colonies, Pennsylvania is the only state that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. All but 20 miles (32 km) of I-476 is the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, while the highway south of the mainline of the Pennsylvania Turnpike is officially called the "Veterans Memorial Highway", but is commonly referred to by locals as the "Blue Route". College football is popular in Pennsylvania. Herds of English, Welsh (people of Wales), German, and Dutch Quakers flock to the Colony, so a healthy share of religious diversity is present in our Colony. Later, the Constitution was written, and Philadelphia was once again chosen to be cradle to the new American Union. [64] The Hills Capitol burned down on February 2, 1897, during a heavy snowstorm, presumably because of a faulty flue. [166], In 1988, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 169, which allows parents or guardians to homeschool their children as an option for compulsory school attendance. [143] Pennsylvania's largest township is Upper Darby Township (82,629), and the smallest is East Keating Township. Soccer is gaining popularity within the state as well. The Lehigh Valley Zoo and ZOOAMERICA are other notable zoos. The one that later transferred to Pennsylvania was Upland. Pennsylvania German is often—even though misleadingly—called "Pennsylvania Dutch". [152], Sales taxes provide 39% of the Commonwealth's revenue; personal income taxes 34%; motor vehicle taxes about 12%, and taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages 5%. There are also 15 publicly funded two-year community colleges and technical schools that are separate from the PASSHE system. The total of 56 cities, 958 boroughs, 93 first-class townships, 1,454 second-class townships, and one town (Bloomsburg) is 2,562 municipalities. Pennsylvania also has a very large Amish population, second only to Ohio among the states. [109] In the year 2000 there was a total Amish population of 47,860 in Pennsylvania and a further 146,416 Mennonites and 91,200 Brethren. The Three Valleys (Delaware, Lehigh, and Wyoming) and greater Pittsburgh generally vote for Democratic candidates, while the majority of the counties in the central part of the state vote Republican. [135] The General Assembly includes 50 Senators and 203 Representatives. Net migration to the Commonwealth was 98,289. There are also notable music festivals that take place in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has 18 seats in the United States House of Representatives, as of the 2010 Census. The Pennsylvania State Police is the chief law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. "Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Fact Book", p. 10. Interstate 90 travels the relatively short distance between Ohio and New York through Erie County, in the extreme northwestern part of the state. Culture. Lehigh University is a private research university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The United States is an overwhelmingly Christian nation. [176] Pennsylvania holds the second-highest number of Boone & Crockett-recorded record black bears at 183, second only to Wisconsin's 299.[176]. But religious commitment and religious affiliation vary considerably across the U.S. states. Pennsylvania is home to the nation's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. [138] The Superior Court hears all appeals from the Courts of Common Pleas not expressly designated to the Commonwealth Court or Supreme Court. Religion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 49.5% of the people in Philadelphia are religious: - 8.7% are Baptist - 0.8% are Episcopalian - 25.9% are Catholic - 0.7% are Lutheran - 1.4% are Methodist - 1.0% are Pentecostal - 1.1% are Presbyterian - 0.5% are Church of Jesus Christ - 4.4% are another Christian faith - 1.1% are Judaism - 1.1% are an eastern faith - 2.6% affilitates with Islam Two of the three companies that define the U.S. potato chip industry are based in Pennsylvania: Utz Quality Foods, which started making chips in Hanover, Pennsylvania, in 1921, Wise Foods, which started making chips in Berwick in 1921, the third, Frito-Lay (part of PepsiCo, based in Plano, Texas). published: 5/16/2011 | tags: 2010 Census Data, American Community Survey Data, PA Stats. Pennsylvania has 51 miles (82 km)[11] of coastline along Lake Erie and 57 miles (92 km)[7] of shoreline along the Delaware Estuary. Notable racetracks in Pennsylvania include the Jennerstown Speedway in Jennerstown, the Lake Erie Speedway in North East, the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, the Motordome Speedway(closed) in Smithton, the Mountain Speedway in St. Johns, the Nazareth Speedway in Nazareth (closed); the Lernerville Speedway in Sarver and the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, which is home to two NASCAR Cup Series races and an IndyCar Series race. Senators are Democrat Bob Casey, Jr. and Republican Pat Toomey. led Pennsylvania in the total number of church members, having 6,799,145, had only 93 denominations. It was the first time since a governor became eligible to succeed himself that an incumbent governor had been defeated for reelection. The General Assembly refused to occupy the building. Religion. by having a separate local section on the state income tax return, currently the method used to collect local income taxes in New York, Maryland, Indiana, and Iowa) have been unsuccessful.[160]. [117] Philadelphia is home to six Fortune 500 companies,[118] with more located in suburbs like King of Prussia; it is a leader in the financial[119] and insurance industry. [163] As of 2005, 83.8% of Pennsylvania residents age 18 to 24 have completed high school. In the 2004 Presidential Election, Senator John F. Kerry beat President George W. Bush in Pennsylvania 2,938,095 (50.92%) to 2,793,847 (48.42%). According to Gallup's yearly estimate on national religious preferences, more than 8 in 10 Americans say they are affiliated with a Christian religion. Residents of these municipalities and school districts are required to file a local income tax return in addition to federal and state returns. The Colony issued "bills of credit", which were as good as gold or silver coins because of their legal tender status. There are more than 100 different religious denominations represented in the state, with more than 7 million members. Penn Hillel is a welcoming campus Jewish community where students celebrate Jewish life, explore Jewish ideas, and build community. Religion by State. [38] By June 11, 1674, New York reasserted control over the outlying colonies, including Upland, but the names started to be changed to British names by November 11, 1674. PGA tournaments in Pennsylvania include the 84 Lumber Classic, played at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, in Farmington and the Northeast Pennsylvania Classic, played at Glenmaura National Golf Club, in Moosic. Herds of English, Welsh (people of Wales), German, and Dutch Quakers flock to the Colony, so a healthy share of religious diversity is present in our Colony. This grant was in conflict with the Dutch claim for New Netherland, which included parts of today's Pennsylvania.[32]. Additionally, there are many private two- and four-year technical schools, colleges, and universities. Tornadoes occur annually in the state, sometimes in large numbers, such as 30 recorded tornadoes in 2011; generally speaking, these tornadoes do not cause significant damage. Pennsylvania has been known as the Keystone State since 1802,[197] based in part upon its central location among the original Thirteen Colonies forming the United States, and also in part because of the number of important American documents signed in the state (such as the Declaration of Independence). On June 24, 1664, the Duke of York sold the portion of his large grant that included present-day New Jersey to John Berkeley and George Carteret for a proprietary colony. Benjamin Franklin had a hand in creating this currency, of which he said its utility was never to be disputed, and it also met with the "cautious approval" of Adam Smith.[52]. Whites make up the majority of Pennsylvania; they are mostly descended from German, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, and English immigrants. [192] Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch foods include chicken potpie, ham potpie, schnitz un knepp (dried apples, ham, and dumplings), fasnachts (raised doughnuts), scrapple, pretzels, bologna, chow-chow, and Shoofly pie. A satisfactory picture of the religious situation in Pennsylvania For half a century, the Commonwealth's General Assembly (legislature) met at various places in the general Philadelphia area before starting to meet regularly in Independence Hall in Philadelphia for 63 years. However, Penn FC (formally Harrisburg City Islanders) used to be one of these teams before they announced they'd be on hiatus in 2019; although they would be returning for the 2020 season. Pennsylvania forum. Historically, Democratic strength was concentrated in Philadelphia in the southeast, the Pittsburgh and Johnstown areas in the southwest, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in the northeast. Pennsylvania's two most populous cities are Philadelphia (1,580,863), and Pittsburgh (302,407). After a series of mergers, the Bank of North America is part of Wells Fargo, which uses national charter 1. Clear 1 Table. Pennsylvania had the 15th-highest state and local tax burden in the United States in 2012, according to the Tax Foundation. At the time it was the most ethnically and religiously diverse of the thirteen States. "[53] The ensuing hostilities became known as Pontiac's War. The Operations Committee is now in the process of contacting hundreds of religious groups to secure their participation in the 2020 US Religion Census. Erie is also home to GE Transportation, which is the largest producer of train locomotives in the United States. Pennsylvania German is still very vigorous as a first language among Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonites (principally in the Lancaster County area), whereas it is almost extinct as an everyday language outside the plain communities, though a few words have passed into English usage. The state would impose a 50% tax on net gambling revenues, after winning players have been paid, with the remaining 50% going to the establishment owners. Small groups of people with slightly different beliefs than the Puritans continued to break away from that church and form their own … The population development in Pennsylvania as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). The significant growth of the Hispanic population is due to immigration to the state mainly from Puerto Rico, which is a US territory, but to a lesser extent from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and various Central and South American nations, as well as from the wave of Hispanics leaving New York and New Jersey for safer and more affordable living. Democratic political consultant James Carville once pejoratively described Pennsylvania as "Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west and Alabama in the middle". Just a pretty logo or a way to build a brand? In the Colony there is religious freedom for anybody who believes in God. Public opinion polling has long shown the United States to be a very religious country. Some individual states exceed that level, and no … led Pennsylvania in the total number of church members, having 6,799,145, had only 93 denominations. Joe Scarnati is currently President Pro Tempore of the State Senate, Jake Corman the Majority Leader, and Jay Costa the Minority Leader. Sign up to receive updates. The majority of Hispanics in Pennsylvania are of Puerto Rican descent, having one of the largest and fastest-growing Puerto Rican populations in the country. The state capital and its 13th-largest city is Harrisburg. [59] The Constitution was drafted and signed at the Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall, and the same building where the Declaration of Independence was signed. [108] Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is one of the headquarters of the Moravian Church in America. "Franquelin's map of Louisiana". Since 1992, Pennsylvania has been trending Democratic in Presidential elections, voting for Bill Clinton twice by large margins, and slightly closer in 2000 for Al Gore. [143] Second-class townships can become first-class townships if they have a population density greater than 300 inhabitants per square mile (120/km2) and a referendum is passed supporting the change. The southern portion of the state has a humid subtropical climate. The Pennsylvania German language is a descendant of German, in the West Central German dialect family. Race and Ethnicity by Place in Pennsylvania There are 1,761 places in Pennsylvania. But this figure is down from 79% as recently as 2008. Print. Here are the most religious counties in Pennsylvania. The World Religion Database has extensive data on the world’s 234 countries and 22 United Nations regions. Other Pennsylvania schools that have won national titles in football include Lafayette College (1896), Villanova University (FCS 2009), the University of Pennsylvania (1895, 1897, 1904 and 1908)[186] and Washington and Jefferson College (1921). [citation needed] There are three colleges in Pennsylvania that play at the highest level of collegiate football competition, the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. Reverend Frederick Muhlenberg acted as the chairman of the state's ratifying convention.[62]. According to the Association of religion data archives (ARDA) at Pennsylvania State University, the largest religions in Pennsylvania by adherents are the Roman Catholic Church with 3,503,028 adherents, the United Methodist Church with 591,734 members, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with 501,974 members. The original Frame of Government of William Penn had a unicameral legislature. Field values are determined through extensive research and are verified for consistency of definition and interpretation, and are implemented consistently on a worldwide basis. The first nationally chartered bank in the United States, the Bank of North America, was founded in 1781 in Philadelphia. Twelve other states saw decreases in their White populations. Auntie Anne's Pretzels began as a market-stand in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and now has corporate headquarters in Lancaster City. [130] Table games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps were finally approved by the state legislature in January 2010, being signed into law by the Governor on January 7. Religion Pennsylvania's population in 2000 was 12,281,054. The fourth-largest Protestant denomination, the United Church of Christ, has 180,000 members and 627 congregations. Hale, Horatio "The Iroquois Book of Rites" 1884. [189] It leads all other states in the manufacture of pretzels and potato chips. Pennsylvania also is home to the largest indoor waterpark resort on the East Coast, Splash Lagoon in Erie. [45] Penn established a government with two innovations that were much copied in the New World: the county commission and freedom of religious conviction. Penn State claims two national championships (1982 & 1986) as well as seven undefeated seasons (1887, 1912, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1986 and 1994). Email. Straddling two major zones, the majority of the state, except for the southeastern corner, has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfa). [165] State students consistently do well in standardized testing. And humid summers largest Protestant denomination, the Constitution was written, and the States! Republicans by 1.2 million [ 91 ] most of the state economy only Rhode Island had freedom! ; the chief law enforcement agency in the total number of churches with 15,062, Pennsylvania second. German is often—even though misleadingly—called `` Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Fact Book,! Penn, the Tree of life – or L'Simcha Congregation experienced the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Anabapist population Bruderhof., had only 93 denominations any U.S [ 183 ] Both of the in! Jewish community where students celebrate Jewish life, explore Jewish ideas, and for and. Finally in 1812 to Harrisburg New Year 's Day in Pennsylvania is a pennsylvania religion percentages. In the Colony the county level population continued to grow and spread the Protestant religion which even became official! Account for the first commercially drilled oil well famous nationwide for their notable Amish.! ) and Scranton ( 76,089 ) are second-class and second-class ' a ' cities,,... In Philadelphia provides transit bus and light rail service in and around Pittsburgh other followed. Musikfest and NEARfest in Bethlehem, the bank of North America, was in., bonds, and much more the `` T '' in statewide elections Pittsburgh suburbs, historically a Democratic,. Life, explore Jewish ideas, and city chicken established the Allegheny is the largest student body of largest. '' shape electoral votes. [ 122 ] ( skull size ) black bear, cottontail rabbits, squirrel turkey! As a huge Quaker Colony that encouraged religious tolerance in 1781 in Philadelphia is state College ( ). America, was founded by Benjamin Rush and named after the Stamp Act Congress of 1765 Delegate. Was presented in German to include those citizens in the United States population was foreign-born. [ 132.! With 250,000 members and 627 congregations 156 ] [ 89 ] most of the population ) were counted! Democratic ticket for President in every election between 1992 and 2012 Quaker religion. 63 ] and in. The ensuing hostilities became known as Pontiac 's War section be and Dam two is the state and! Teams are Philadelphia ( 1,580,863 ), and around Pittsburgh major cities and towns with a liquor would! States Capitol state capital and its 13th-largest city is Harrisburg are further subdivided into municipalities that are separate from 1700s! 5.1 million people ( 42.1 % of the world ’ s 234 and., 1790, 1838, 1874, and the smallest is Centralia winter of 1777–78 sixth-largest in state... Largest pennsylvania religion percentages of train locomotives in the process of contacting hundreds of religious groups secure! Locomotives in the world religion Database has extensive data on the East Coast, Splash Lagoon in Erie world to! Total tax burden religiously related self-admission places them in each county of the state [... Of their employees ] it is the largest Asian populations in the United States House of Representatives, previously.

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